Phoenix Billing Solutions took on our official name in 2023 after branching off from Phoenix Water Solutions which was established in 2015.  The decision to rename the billing services was made to better reflect the services available for utility billing which differ from installation and maintenance that Phoenix Water Solutions still provides. 

Submetering is a great way to help you save money on utility bills by reducing consumption and holding big users accountable for their consumption habits. Submetering data can only do so much unless you properly utilize and interpret it. Phoenix Billing Solutions specializes in breaking down this data and using it to appropriately bill for usage.  This service allows you to focus on what you do best and rest assured the utility billing details are taken care of by a team of professionals.


At Phoenix Billing Solutions, our mission is to help solve water scarcity through innovative technology and lasting infrastructure. Our vision is to provide sustainable and affordable solutions to enhance water efficiency standards for municipalities and commercial clients.

Local water supplies are one of our most precious natural resources.  At Phoenix Billing Solutions, we strive to impact conservation efforts by offering our customers financial savings, holding water wasters accountable for their actions, and helping clients better understand their utility consumption.