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Customer Forms, you will find an account closure form and the new customer form if you want to add a new tenant. You can also email us at billing@phoenixwatersolutions.com with the tenant’s move-in/move-out date and contact information. Like homeowners, all tenants will receive a startup fee and a closing fee on their final bill.

Your account number can be found on your monthly bill.

Only residents may create an online account or customer portal for personal use. The customer portal allows you to view your balance, make payments, view history, contact customer service, and more.

To create your account:

  1. Click on Bill Pay at the top of this site.
  2. Choose Resident Login
  3. Click on the New User Sign up now option
  4. The security code can be found on your bill.

Bills come every month but do vary by community, if you don’t see your first bill within 30 days of moving in please contact us at billing@phoenixbillingsolutions.com


Two of the most common reasons why the total amount of a bill would change are an increase or decrease in your usage and time of the year.

An increase or decrease in water or electrical usage can substantially impact the total amount of a bill. Each bill will show previous usage amounts.  Try comparing your current month's use to your previous month to determine how much of an increase or decrease there is.

Depending on the time of year, some cities adjust rates, making some months more expensive than others.

Payments can be made by phone, online, or by paper check. If you would like to make a payment by phone, you may contact us at 602-445-6161. You may also enroll in Auto Pay through your portal. Auto Pay is debited 5 days before your due date each month. Please note that there is a 3% fee to process credit cards, a $1.00 fee for eChecks, and no fee for payment mailed to our office.

If you would like to make a payment online please click the Bill Pay link at the top of this site. You will be able to login to your account to setup autopay or make a one time payment.  You can also use the guest pay option to make one time payments.

Paper checks are accepted and may be mailed to (Please make checks payable to Phoenix Billing Solutions):

Phoenix Billing Solutions

4831 S 35th Place #2

Phoenix, AZ 85040

As a Phoenix Billing Solutions customer, you may take comfort in our promise that your account will never accrue hidden fees. Fees will only be applied if your account meets the following criteria.




Initial Deposit

*Varies per property

A one-time startup fee for essential administrative services.

Late Fee


Applied after failure to pay by the due date.

Past Due Notice


After ten (10) days of non-payment, a past due notice will be issued, and a fee applied.

Insufficient Funds


They are applied if a payment is returned due to insufficient funds.

Utility Disconnect / Reconnect Fee


Applied after sixty (60) days of non-payment, a utility restriction will be enforced—a mandatory fee for restarting utility services.

Disconnection Equipment Deposit


A disconnection equipment deposit will be held until the disconnection equipment is removed with no signs of damage.

Collection Fee


Accounts deemed delinquent for over ninety (90) days will be notified of delinquency and sent a restriction notice if applicable or referred to a 3rd party collection company.

Last Month’s Bill Fees


Last month’s fee for a prorated bill with the termination of utility service.

Disclaimer: These are our general fees, but some properties may be subject to varying costs depending on the community.

To set up Auto Pay:

  1. Click on the Bill Pay link at the top of this site.
  2. Select Resident Login.
  3. Select “My Account” from the top menu.
  4. Select in the left menu options under Payment Settings AutoPay.
  5. You will see an "On/Off Switch" click to turn AutoPay On.
  6. You can now add your new payment method; click Continue.
  7. Be sure to confirm you approve of the terms and submit.

Auto Pay is debited 5 days before the due date.  When setting up Auto Pay, it is recommended to make your first payment as a one-time payment.  This will not disrupt your auto pay payments in the future.

Mailed Check:  no fee

Echeck:  $1

Card Payments: 3% of bill

Processing fees are set in place and determined by our payment processer.

This can differ between communities, please refer to your bill for accurate information. Please note payments received after the due date will incur a late fee of $15.

Some financial institutions will mail multiple checks within the same envelope if they are set to ship to the same address. This means that if payments scheduled to the same company have different “deliver by” or “send on” dates, the price will be mailed according to the latest “deliver by” or “send on” date.

EX: Three customers who bank with the same financial institution schedule a payment to Phoenix Billing Solutions. The bill has a due date of the 25th.

Customer A schedules a payment for the 18th.

Customer B schedules a payment for the 25th.

Customer C schedules a payment for the 20th.

The financial institution will estimate how many days it would take for the payments to arrive by the 25th and set a mailing date. All three payments will be mailed together. Since USPS is used to send the payments, it is not guaranteed that all three payments will be received on the 25th. This increases the chances of your payment arriving late and receiving a late fee.

If you are using your financial institution’s Bill Pay feature, please ensure your payment is received by the due date by selecting a “deliver by” or “send on” date that will allow enough time for the check to arrive on time. We recommend scheduling payments for a “deliver by” or “send on” date as 4 days before the actual due date.

Please mail payments to:

Phoenix Billing Solutions

4831 S 35th Place #2

Phoenix AZ 85040



Water Meters are mechanical, which makes them very easy to test at home. A simple bucket test is an effective way to test the accuracy of your water meter. Follow these steps to complete a Bucket Test:

  1. Shut off all water in the unit and then record the read on your meter. This includes shutting off all faucets and ice makers or even ensuring your toilet flap is completely closed.
  2. Fill a Five-gallon container (or bucket of a specific size) with water (or utilize a total of ten gallons of water).
  3. Finally, record your meter read again. The meter will sum up the water utilized with your first read.

If the water meter records the amount of water used for the Bucket Test, then the meter is reading usage accurately. If, after completing the Bucket Test, you find that the meter has read more or less than what was used for the Bucket Test, please let us know by emailing us at billing@phoenixbillingsolutions.com or calling our office at 602 445 6161.

You may receive an alert if our systems are showing continuous water use or your monthly water use has made a large increase from your normal water usage. Although the continuous usage may not be a leak, we encourage you to look around the unit to determine if a leak is causing your water to run continuously. We often see leaks caused by a toilet running continuously due to the flap being stuck.

To verify continuous water use:

  1. Shut off all running water in the unit. This includes shutting off faucets and ice makers or ensuring your toilet flap is completely closed.
  2. If the black meter toggles continuously spin after shutting off all water, water is still running through the unit. You may wish to contact a professional, so they may locate the source of the running water and prevent unnecessary usage

We can schedule a service technician to troubleshoot your meter. This may require that you be home if the meter is not accessible from the outside of the home. A service fee may apply if the meter is properly working or is not under warranty. The typical price is at least $50 for a trip charge if the meter is in working condition and is appropriately reading usage. If repairs are needed, and there is no warranty in effect, we will work with the property management company on the cost and determine who is responsible.