Increase your property’s value by allowing Phoenix Water Solutions to effectively manage your water utility. The longer you wait to submeter the more money you are missing out on!


  •  Apartments
  •  Condos
  • Retail Strips
  • Office Industrial 
  • Mobile Home Parks
  • Residential 
  •  Government
  •  Municipalities
  •  Schools
  • Military Bases


  • Municipalities
  •  Schools
  • Military Bases



The longer you wait to implement sustainable practices the more money you are missing out on! We are there every step of the way to ensure a seamless integration process. We know what your property can do to reduce its water consumption. We plan to be there for more than just the evalution, to us water management is a relationship with a community. Our goal is to take on all the questions and concerns communities may have when it comes to their water consumption.


Commercial properties, including apartments, condos, retail strips, office industrial, and mobile home parks, can benefit greatly from working with a water conservation expert. Implementing water-saving practices can not only reduce costs for the property, but also demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness. Additionally, in many regions, reducing water usage can help avoid penalties from local water agencies. By working with a water conservation expert, commercial properties can stay ahead of regulations and minimize their environmental impact while also saving money.

For end residents in single family homes, water conservation is not just a smart financial decision, but it also helps to conserve this precious resource. A water conservation expert can provide customized solutions to help households reduce their water usage, such as low-flow showerheads, toilets, and faucets. Furthermore, implementing these changes can also help improve indoor air quality, increase energy efficiency, and reduce the carbon footprint of the household. By working with a water conservation expert, end residents can take an active role in conserving our planet’s resources, while also improving their own quality of life.

Lastly, government entities such as municipalities, schools, and military bases can also benefit from working with a water conservation expert. With the increasing population, water scarcity is becoming a major concern for many communities, and it is important for these entities to lead by example. A water conservation expert can provide comprehensive assessments of the water usage of these entities, and develop a customized plan to reduce consumption and waste. By working with a water conservation expert, government entities can help conserve this valuable resource, reduce costs, and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Wondering what differentiates PWS from other providers?

  • Real-time access to data for management to all data about a property
  • Tailored Billing solutions that fit your needs and process
  • More comprehensive usage audits for property management
  • Real-time alerts provided to residents about leaks, high consumption, and other irregularities
  • Easy to use the portal for residents to get what they need to pay their bills or submit service requests
  • Continual Audits of rates to stay within city and state compliance  


Smart Utility Billing is the future of submetering. Our Smart System has the highest utilization and versatility. Having this system allows you to know more about your property in real time.

  • Leak Alerts – Tenants can now be notified within two days if there is a possible leak or abnormal   consumption so they may solve the problem before receiving a high bill.
  • Eliminate Error – Human error is the most common reason for incorrect billing. By tracking data and updating it remotely we can eliminate superficial errors.
  • Minimal Maintenance – Being able to leave these meters untouched elongates their life span.
Diana Stover – Board Treasurer

“The people at PWS are efficient and committed to providing good service.”

Christina Roth – Property Manager, City Properties

“The people at PWS are efficient and committed to providing good service.” Diana Stover – Board Treasurer “Their customer service is noncomparable from the beginning of a meter installation project all the way through to them working with the homeowners on billing statements.”

Robert Bueche - Williamsburg Square Board President

“People can use as much or little as they want, they just have to pay for their own.”